Friday Funnies

I come across all kinds of funny "meme's" that totally tickle my funny bone, that I save, so today I am sharing some with you!              

Then Came Doubt

Last week on Instagram, I announced that I have signed up, and have began training for The Herron Half Marathon, that is on June 4th! I was so excited to share this with y'all, and once I did, the outpouring of encouragement was so empowering! Here is my training schedule for the next 15, now... Continue Reading →

Love Is…And Isn’t…

I had hoped to have this to you on Valentines Day, however; life happened. Major sickness swept through our home, leaving me to care for everyone from the oldest, my honey, to the littlest 2 year old, who ended up with pneumonia! God is so good, not once did I get sick in that three... Continue Reading →

What is Love?

Now if you're like me, you read the title and heard the 90's song by Haddaway "What is Love" and starting humming it in your head.  Maybe you had horrible flash backs to the 1998 movie "Night at the Roxbury" with Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan, and their head bobbing .... but I seriously digress. ... Continue Reading →

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